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Deputy Prime Minister A.Vondra

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Thomas, 9. 1. 2009, 10:14
Dear Mr Vondra, how do you consider the relevance of Nord Stream for Europe in connection with the actual Russian-Ukrainian gas conflict?
Markus, 9. 1. 2009, 9:57
What is your position regarding the installation of a US anti-missiles system in Czech territory? Will this affect EU relations with Russia and the role the EU is playing in the Geneva talks co-chaired by the EU, the UN and the OSCE?
Peter, 9. 1. 2009, 9:56
What specific measures is the Czech presidency going to take to implement the Action Plan of the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid? What would be the Czech priorities in this regard?
Sebastian Reyes, 9. 1. 2009, 9:55
Dear Mr. Alexandr Vondra , since the Czech Presidency will focus on cooperation with the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe, will this have an impact on the EU development cooperation and crisis management initiatives in other regions such as Africa?
J. Caicedo, 9. 1. 2009, 9:54
Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, what are going to be the main priorities of the Council working group on Humanitarian Aid and Food Aid (COHAFA) and when is the first meeting of this working group going to take place?
camille, 9. 1. 2009, 9:54
Mr. Alexandr Vondra, what is going to change with regards the role of NATO in the EU security architecture during the Czech Presidency?
Marie E., 9. 1. 2009, 9:53
Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, what is your position regarding the proposal to send an EU military force to the DRC?
John Q, 9. 1. 2009, 9:52
Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, what is your position on the proposal of creating an EU operational Headquarters in Brussels to improve the EU crisis management coordination capabilities?
Douglas Lytle, 9. 1. 2009, 9:47
What has been the biggest challenge so far in the first week of your presidency? What has been the most unexpected turn of events and how have you met them? Did you anticipate the amount of issues the country would be forced to deal with so quickly?
Ami, 9. 1. 2009, 9:41
The UN and the EU want Israel to stop its military operations in Gaza. I understand that a military operation can weaken the strength of the terrorists, but I don't see how UN and EU diplomats will stop the missiles from falling on Israel's towns. What can the UN and the EU do to REALLY protect the people of Israel who are attacked by terrorist missiles every day?
Vincent, 9. 1. 2009, 9:22
What do you think about President Sarkozy's activity with Gaza crisis? I think Czechs are supposed to lead European policy now?
Bernhard Lebert, 9. 1. 2009, 9:21
Dear Mr. Vondra, it is not easy to come by news about the Czech Republic and your internal political situation, but I understand that your government is going throug a crisis and that it has lost a working majority in the Parliament. Should we worry that the government may fall during the period of Czech presidency? Thank you.
Kevin, 9. 1. 2009, 9:17
Will the Czech government try to gain support of other EU member states for the US radar station?
Yuri, 9. 1. 2009, 9:14
Will the Czech presidency take any action in order to hasten Ukraine's accession to the EU? Do you support Ukraine's and Georgia's effort to enter NATO?
J Thorson, 9. 1. 2009, 9:12
Dear Mr. Vondra, I am always unhappy with the lukewarm approach the EU is taking to all major foreign policy issues. We only try to "moderate dialogue", we try never to clearly take sides in order not to cause ourselves trouble - as in the case of Georgia or Gaza. Do you think that it will be ever possible for Europe to act as a strong and united MILITARY power in international relations? What must be done in order to make it possible?
Ian Mangion, 9. 1. 2009, 9:04
Czechs are considerated as European troublemakers. Will they be able to manage the financial crisis?

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