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Cyril SvobodaCzech Minister for Regional Development Cyril Svoboda answered your questions concerning outcomes from the Informal Meeting of the EU Ministers for Regional Development on Monday, 27 April online in the European chat. After the chat is closed, the most interesting questions and answers from both language versions will be published in the ’News and Documents’ section on chat is conducted simultaneously in two language versions – in Czech for the local public and in English for readers abroad. Czech and English questions appear only in their respective language versions. To read all the questions answered by the Minister, open both chat versions.

Questions and Answers

Franz, 27. 4. 2009, 9:35
Ecologically sustainable development is a must, by now, for all local and national governments. Cities and urban areas must plan their future developments accordingly. Many areas of the EU are actually spanning Member States national borders, like the Frankfurt-Bruxelles-Amsterdam area, or the Bratislava-Wien one. What can be done to harmonize plans and policies across national boundaries?
responded to, 27. 4. 2009, 15:32
This principle may be implemented only with massive political support and that is why it will greatly depend on what the EU political representation will look like; if it will be predominantly composed of those who believe in "laissez faire", then help us God. Voters will decide about the fate of the EU. Thank you very much for your questions. I look forward to the next opportunity to communicate with you.
Reporting the world over, 27. 4. 2009, 9:32
What do you expect from the on coming Regional Governance in a Global Contest Conference, bound to be held in Bruxelles in may?
responded to, 27. 4. 2009, 15:25
You have to pose this question to the new Minister. If it was up to me, I would highlight mainly the ability to decentralize and strengthen the emancipation of regions within the boundaries of the cohesion policy.
Franco, 27. 4. 2009, 9:28
EU and turkey: wouldn´t it be better to wait for the current 27 Member States to harmonize and integrate themselves before letting a country as difficult as Turkey join the EU? Thank you for your answer!
responded to, 27. 4. 2009, 15:21
I agree with you.
M.S., 27. 4. 2009, 8:46
Dear Mr. Minister, could you please summarize the content of the "joint communiqué" adopted at your informal meeting? The formulation that it stresses out "the need to simplify the mechanisms of territorial cohesion as much as possible" which I have found seems very very vague to me. What did you discuss specifically and what are the outcomes?
responded to, 27. 4. 2009, 15:20
The communiqué defines the fundamental political position. The actual procedures will be enshrined in new European legislation to be adopted in 2011. So the basic position is as follows: The cohesion policy has to be about all EU Member States; less developed regions have to be supported in the first place, and a lot of money is necessary for cohesion.
marvin, 27. 4. 2009, 8:30
dear mr. minister, I have read that some of the Czech presidency meetings and summits will be chaired by your President Mr. Klaus, who - as I understand - is very eurosceptic and anti-Brussels. Are you not afraid that this can be a disgrace for the Czech Republic and a big complication for EU negotiations? I have read that Mr. Klaus was booed during his last speech in the European Parliament and I can imagine that his chairing of meetings can produce a negative atmosphere. Have a nice day!
responded to, 27. 4. 2009, 15:14
The irresponsible vote of no confidence initiated by the Czech Social Democratic Party that led to the fall the Government is the beginning or reason of all the steps that have followed. I do not overestimate the influence of President Václav Klaus.
H. Boll, 27. 4. 2009, 8:25
Hello Mr. Svoboda, what can we expect from the new Czech Prime Minister, Mr. Fischer, in terms of the Czech Presidency? What kind of a mandate does he have from the Czech Parliament? Do you think that Europe will treat your new cabinet with respect? Thank you.
responded to, 27. 4. 2009, 15:09
The fall of the Government has harmed the Presidency in such a way that it cannot be repaired in any way. So it is uninteresting what happens with Mr Fischer's Government in that period.

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