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11. 11. 2016 22:56

Prime Minister Sobotka meets with the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson

Předseda vlády Bohuslav Sobotka se setkal s britským ministrem zahraničí Borisem Johnsonem, 11. listopadu 2016.
The Prime Minister Sobotka met with the British Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, on 11 November 2016.
On Friday 11 November 2016 Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka met the British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson at Straka´s Academy. They discussed Brexit, mutual economic and defence cooperation and foreign policy and security issues.

The discussions of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka with the British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson addressed issues related to the departure of Great Britain from the European Union. They also discussed bilateral relations and cooperation on defence matters.

During the meeting with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, I emphasized the fundamental priorities of the Czech Republic for the period ahead and future functioning of the European Union, whether with Great Britain, or without it. Brexit will undoubtedly fundamentally affect the lives of thousands, not only of the British, but also our citizens living in Great Britain. For the Czech Republic the key priority is the successful functioning of the European Union, respect for the rights of our citizens who work in Great Britain, and the maintenance of our mutual trading relationships,” said the Head of Government in the Czech Republic in respect of the meeting.

In addition to European and bilateral issues both leaders also discussed foreign policy and security issues, inter alia the fight against international terrorism as well as the situation in the Near East and in the Ukraine.

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