Press Advisories

20. 10. 2021

The Government Discussed Changes in Anti-epidemic Measures

At an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, the government of Andrej Babiš discussed the tightening of anti-epidemic measures in connection with the growing number of new Covid-19 infections.


23. 8. 2021

Preventive tests for Covid-19 will remain free for all insured, government decides

At a meeting on Monday, 23 August 2021, the government decided to keep the covid-19 tests free of charge for all insured persons.


1. 8. 2021

Important covid-19 measures for foreigners

Important information regarded covid-19 measures for people coming to the Czech Republic.


1. 7. 2021

Government agrees to tighten anti-epidemic measures due to the spread of the more contagious Delta mutation of the coronavirus

As of 9 July, the recognition of infection-free status after the first dose of a two-dose vaccine will no longer apply in the Czech Republic. The rules for entering the Czech Republic will also be tightened. On Thursday 1 July 2021, Andrej Babiš's government approved the modifications to the emergency measures. It also discussed other forms of aid to people and companies affected by the natural disaster in South Moravia and the Ústí nad Labem Region.


28. 6. 2021

Government approves aid to people and municipalities in South Moravia affected by a natural disaster

Tax breaks, subsidies and interest-free loans for entrepreneurs will help residents and municipalities in the Břeclav and Hodonín Districts, which were hit by a natural disaster last Thursday. The forms of aid were decided by Andrej Babiš's government at a meeting on Monday 28 June 2021. After the government meeting, the members of the government had a working lunch with President Miloš Zeman.


17. 6. 2021

Speech by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš at the Conference Multiple Challenges for Transatlantic Partnerships

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš gave a speech at the Calls for Transatlantic Relations conference on Thursday 17 June 2021.


14. 6. 2021

Non-state cultural heritage sites will also receive financial support during the epidemic, pupils in other regions will put away their masks and respi

Non-state owners of immovable cultural heritage sites that are normally accessible to the public will now also be entitled to financial assistance from the state for ordered closures. The extension of the Covid - Culture subsidy programme to these entities was approved by the government of Andrej Babiš at a meeting on Monday 14 June 2021. The government meeting was preceded by a meeting of cabinet members and representatives of the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic.


7. 6. 2021

Government worked on the 2022 state budget, approved the next steps in the dispute with Poland over mining in the Turów mine

In 2022, the Czech Republic is to run a deficit of CZK 390 billion, which is 110 billion less than the deficit in this year's budget. The preliminary proposal of revenue and expenditure of the budget chapters was approved by Andrej Babiš’s government at its meeting on 7 June 2021.


31. 5. 2021

The government will propose extraordinary increase in pensions by CZK 300, and has extended the Antivirus A programme by a month

From January, pensions could rise by CZK 300 in addition to the mandatory adjustment. The relevant bill amending the Pension Insurance Act was approved by Andrej Babiš’s government at its meeting on Monday, 31 May 2021. The cabinet also decided on continuing the Antivirus A programme or on further extending the VAT remission for respirators.