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6. 1. 2010 9:11

The Prime Minister's condolences on the death of Ivan Medek

I greatly mourn the passing of Ivan Medek. He was a man who always stood behind his words. A man who had the courage to speak his opinions in every era, come what may.

He was a man who valued his own words so highly that he sacrificed his career and his home for them. Because of this he could not be what he studied and had a talent for. Because of this he could not live where he was born. But he was always true to himself. Whether that meant carrying out various odd jobs or in forced emigration. In the era of totalitarianism, his voice rang out to us from the free radio stations. A voice that gave us strength, courage and faith. A voice that always told the truth.

That did not change even after November 1989, when Ivan Medek held various public positions, including the post of chancellor of the president of the republic. As in the era of normalisation, he always spoke his mind. His words always had a high value and relevance. This is especially important in this day and age, when words frequently lose their content and cogency the moment they are said.

For all of us, remembering Ivan Medek brings hope and a challenge. The hope that meaning can be brought back to words. And the challenge that we stand as firmly behind our words as he did.

Jan Fischer

Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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