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16. 4. 2008 15:52

April 17, 2008: Tripartite Talks to Be Held

Members of the Czech Republic’s Council for Economic and Social Accord will meet at their 71st plenary session on Thursday, April 17, 2008 at 9:00 a.m.Some of the items on the agenda of the meeting are as follows:

 analysis of investment incentives
 reform of the tax process
 draft amendment to the Income Tax Act and Act on the reserves for the establishment of income tax base
 amount of DPFO taxation and amount of tax relief for 2009
 draft amendment to the Government Regulation on variant adjustment of working hours and time for rest for employees in the transport sector.

Venue: Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, nábøeží Edvarda Beneše, Prague 1

Press Department of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

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