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14. 5. 2007 22:21

Spokesperson of the Czech Republic Government

A new spokesperson, Jana Bartošová, who will be proposed by the Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek at the meeting of the Czech Republic Government held on Wednesday, 16 May 2007, for the position of the government spokesperson's office, joined today the Czech Republic Government Office.

Jana BartošováJana Bartošová graduated from the Faculty of Law, Charles University, Prague. Since 1997, she worked at the news department of the Czech Television, first as an editor, later as the head of the news bulletin and since 2005 as the morning programme manager. She speaks English, partly French and Spanish. Jana Bartošová is married and as a one-year old daughter, Daniela.

The post of the government spokesperson has been vacant since September 2006, when Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek took over his office. At the same time, Jana Bartošová will hold the post of deputy director of the Press Department, while Martin Schmarz will continue as the director of the department.

Jana Bartošová will be responsible for all communications relating to the government agenda and also for answering questions addressed to the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

Telephone: 224002795
The mobile phone contact will be published later.

Press Department of the Czech Republic Government

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