Non-Governmental Organisations

Logo RNNOThe Government Council for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organisations is a permanent consultative, initiative and coordination body of the Government of the Czech Republic (hereinafter only the "CR") in the area of non-governmental non-profit organisations (hereinafter only "NGOs").

The Government Council for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organisations was established by Government Resolution of 10 June 1992 No. 428 as the Council for Foundations; it was subsequently transformed by Government Resolution of 30 March 1998 No. 223 into the Government Council for Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organisations (hereinafter only the "Council").

The Council collates, discusses and, through its chair, submits to the government materials relating to NGOs and the creation of a suitable environment for their existence and activities. The Council performs in particular the following tasks:

* It initiates and assesses conceptual and implementation materials for government decisions relating to support for NGOs, and legislative and political measures relating to the conditions for their activities,

* It monitors, initiates and issues statements on legal regulations regulating the standing and activities of NGOs; through its chair - a member of the government - the Council comments on draft legislation that relates to NGOs,

* It initiates and coordinates cooperation between ministries, other administration authorities and bodies of territorial self-governing units in the area of support for NGOs, including the subsidy policy from public budgets,

* It monitors, analyses and publishes information about the standing of NGOs within the framework of the European Union (hereinafter only the "EU"), on the integration of the CR into the EU with respect to NGOs and on the financial resources connected to this; it cooperates with ministries and with other administration authorities responsible for the administration of EU financial resources in the CR, if their use is related to NGOs,

* In cooperation with ministries and with other administration authorities, NGOs and other bodies and institutions, it ensures the availability and publication of information about NGOs and about state policy measures that affect NGOs; in particular it makes available and analyses information about subsidies from public budgets for NGOs and about the process of releasing and using them; it participates in the creation and operation of an information system about NGOs established in accordance with Government Resolution of 17 May 2006 No. 564 on a change to the operator of the publicly accessible information system about NGOs at the Central Records of Subsidies from the State Budget,

* It participates in measures by ministries and their administration authorities that relate to NGOs, in particular in relation to standardisation of activities, the allocation of accreditation and categorisation of NGO types,

* It monitors and informs the government about the use of funds in the Foundation Investment Fund category, which were through Resolutions of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic No. 413/1999 and No. 1946/2001 split into the foundation assets of selected foundations, and on the distribution of other revenues; it cooperates with the Ministry of Finance in this activity.

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