6. 12. 2011 16:01

Experts of the Tripartite Council discussed Czech positions for the European Council

The experts of the Council of Economic and Social Agreement met on 6th December in order to discuss Czech positions for the upcoming European Council, which mainly focuses on possible solutions to the situation in the euro area and on related amendment of Treaties.

Vojtěch Belling, Secretary of State for European Affairs, informed the participating representatives of employers and trade unions about the present specific situation, when modifications of Treaties are discussed, altough no concrete primary law revisions have been put forward. However, the current main issues are convergence, fiscal discipline and enhancement of mechanisms that should stabilize the euro area Member States‘ financial situation. The Secretary of State concluded his speech by outlining the main points of the presumable French and German initiative whose central feature should be securing fiscal discipline.

Members of the tripartite council subsequently discussed not only the format of negotiations concerning solutions to the economic crisis at the EU level, but also the need for transparency and legal certainty in case the Treaties will be amended.

The National Reform Programme (NRP) fulfillment was the subject of the second part of the meeting. The Section for European Affairs submitted in this connection a document evaluating the NRP realization and indicated the course of NRP preparation for 2012. In the following dialogue, representatives commented on the document and came to an agreement to mutually consult these issues further.

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