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2. 6. 2013 21:57

Government declares state of emergency as result of widespread catastrophe

At an extraordinary special session today, the government decided to declare a state of emergency in the regions of Bohemia, with the exception of the Pardubice region, with effect from 21:00 until further notice.

The government has declared a state of emergency for the South Bohemian, Plzeň, Central Bohemian, Liberec, Hradec Králové and Ústí regions, as well as Prague, because of the critical situation arising from the threat to lives and health, and from the significant threat to property resulting from a widespread natural catastrophe, to apply from 21:00 on 2nd June 2013 until further notice.

"The government has today also decided to deploy up to two thousand soldiers from the Czech Army to help to deal with the consequences of the floods. We are ready to make flexible decisions in further matters. The government will be very interactive in its relations with towns and villages, in order to minimise damage and to start early rectification of the consequences of these floods", adds Prime Minister Petr Nečas.

Prime minister Petr Nečas surveying flooded areas

Today the government also approved the sum of 300 million CZK which is immediately available to help towns and villages affected by the floods. Prime Minister Nečas advised this following an extraordinary session of the government. "Should further finances be required, the government will make them available immediately. For example, 1.3 billion CZK is available from the State Transport Infrastructure Fund, which we are ready to release as early as two days from now for the repair and reconstruction of first, second and third category roads and also railway tracks", Prime Minister Nečas said following the extraordinary session of the government.

Labour Exchanges also have finances ready to provide immediate aid as part of the material needs system. "In essence, the country is ready to provide immediate help to those who have been deprived of the essentials", was the Prime Minister's reassurance.

Prime Minister Nečas also expressed his sympathies to all our fellow citizens who have been affected by the floods. "I would also like to express my particular thanks, and express my appreciation of the enormous efforts and commitment shown by all elements of the integrated rescue services, to thank all full-time and part-time firefighters, to thank rescue workers, healthcare workers, the police, the armed forces, and also the mayors who are working extremely hard and doing everything they can to minimise the damage caused by this catastrophe", said the Prime Minister.

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