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3. 1. 2011 13:22

President Hosted New Year Ceremonial Luncheon for the Prime Minister at Lány Chateau

The Prime Minister with and wife had a traditional New Year luncheon with the President and the First Lady.

“In my New Year speech I clearly declared my support to this government. I expressed my belief that the government would get down to implementation of measures that are necessary for our country and I expressed my hope that it would maintain its internal cohesiveness and I think, that it is the most important matter which we should wish the government” said the President Václav Klaus to newsmen after the luncheon.

The President and Prime Minister also discussed the time schedule of foreign activities and plans of the government in the new year. “We discussed current political situation and certain short-term and medium-term steps that the government intends to take this year,” added Prime Minister Petr Nečas.

Topics of the discussion also comprised the situation at the Ministry of Environment, the minister of which has not been appointed so far. “We briefly dealt with this issue in terms of time and procedure, not in terms of the concrete name and I prefer reaching a solution within days, not within weeks” replied Prime Minister.

Also the First Lady Livia Klausová and the wife of the Prime Minister Petra Nečasová attended the New Year luncheon at Lány chateau. They made a tour of chateau premises and talked about past Christmas holidays and problems in the sphere of education and social affairs.

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